New website host (again)!

I’ve moved web hosts once again, in search of the right fit for my needs. I ended up settling on mostly because my personal site is considerably small and they offer a $5/yr package that fits what I need/want from a web host. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have a neat module in cPanel that allows me to enable HTTPS on my website through for free. This time around I was able to keep my existing site in tact through the move, where previously I would opt to start fresh whenever moving web hosts. I’ve come to the decision that I would like to get some of the content from former iterations of my website back online, so that might pop up unannounced sometime soon too.

Twenty Sixteen

With the release of WordPress 4.4 I’ve decided to try on the new Twenty Sixteen theme for a little while. So far I like it’s cleanliness and simplicity, but I’m also not very creative in the art department, so I do feel like it looks a little plain. It’ll work for now.

Free trial

So I’ve got this pretty nice install of WordPress running on AWS while I have a free trial. Which probably means once my free year is up I’ll lose whatever I put here. In the meantime, this is one of the better looking templates I’ve used and I have played with some new plugins, so I’ve been able to change around what I keep in my “standard WordPress arsenal”.