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About Me

Hello, Iā€™m Eric Nemchik.

I am a Technical Solution Architect and Full Stack Developer with a passion for automation.

What I'm up to

šŸ”­ Iā€™m currently working on

Expanding my knowledge and experience with the skills and hobbies I love!

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šŸ‘Æ Iā€™m looking to collaborate on

Automating everything!

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What I use

šŸ“’ Languages and Frameworks

Bootstrap Chart.js CSS3 Docker GNU Bash HTML5 JavaScript jQuery Markdown Microsoft SQL Server MySQL NGINX Node.js PHP PowerShell TypeScript WordPress

āš™ļø Services

Authy Bitwarden Cloudflare Codacy cPanel Datto Dependabot GitHub GitHub Actions GitLab Jenkins LetsEncrypt Travis CI

šŸ§° Tools

Alpine Linux Babel Chocolatey Composer curl EditorConfig ESLint FileZilla Git Google Chrome Linux Microsoft Edge npm Prettier stylelint tmux ts-node Ubiquiti Ubuntu Unraid Visual Studio Code VMware Webpack Windows Windows Terminal Yubico

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āš” Fun fact

  • I've lived in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Kentucky. I love road trips!

šŸ’¬ Ask me about

  • Binging Netflix
  • Riding Motorcycles
  • Eating Sushi

šŸ“« How to reach me

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